Swallow and Compass

IMG_3533.jpgInner arm Swallow and compass. Made in February 2016

The Death of Venus

IMG_3299.jpgInspired by “The Birth of Venus” pained by Sandro Botticelli.

This one was made back in January 2016

Geometric Stags head

IMG_3019.jpgThis one was made back in December 2015

Throat Mandala

IMG_2759.jpgDone some time back in December 2015.


IMG_2758.jpgThis one was done back in November 2015


IMG_2562.jpgAnubis tattoo I made back in November 2015. Egyptian iconography has been popular in tattooing for a long time now, however I don’t get asked to do this stuff in a traditional tattoo style as much as I would like!

More Pocket Watches.

IMG_2561.jpgPocket Watches have somewhat been done to death now however I really don’t mind doing them. This is probably one of my favourite ones that I’ve done, this one was made back in November 2015.

Hand Mandala.


I seam to be doing more and more dot work & black work over the last year or so. Heres a hand mandala I made some time back in later October 2015. Its always a real pleasure to tattoo hands however I really feel these kind of designs will age really well over the years.

Billy Saw.

IMG_2203.jpgBilly Saw from the Saw movies. I made this one back in October 2015. I love being asked to do movie related tattoos. Especially horror movies!

Where has the time gone!

IMG_1896.jpgI can’t believe I haven’t updated anything on my blog in over a year… because of this I’ll be dumping a load of work from 2015-2017 on here over the next few days.

This one was made back in September 2015 so I’ll kind of follow on from where I left off…