Thai inspired Mandala

IMG_6480.jpgSince moving to the Isle of Wight I’ve had the opportunity to meet and tattoo some awesome people! This one is on one of the best, cheers mate & thanks for entrusting with this one. Made back in November 2016.

Steam Punk(ish)

IMG_6251.jpgThis was a nice idea and not something I had been asked to tattoo before. Made in October 2016.

Girl on a Skull

IMG_6093.jpgFun little traditional piece from October 2016.

Skull & Desert scene

IMG_6031.jpgStill updating work from 2016. This one was made towards the end of September 2016

Pair of legs…

IMG_5972.jpgThe one on the right was healed and tattooed in January 2016. The one on the Left was fresh and was tattooed back in September 2016. I’ll get round to up loading some healed photos of these two at some point as they have both settled in really nicely.

Traditional Girls Head

Mixed style Lighthouse

IMG_5573.jpgI’ve been really enjoying mixing dot work into traditional style tattoos. Combining my two favourite styles of tattooing into one! I tattooed this one some time towards the end of August 2016.

Mandala and a half

IMG_5448.jpgTattooed in August 2016

Etching Style Boat

IMG_5312.jpgOne of my personal favourites from 2016.