Dark Moon

IMG_4813.jpgStill catching up… from June 2016

Dot work Bee

English Bull Terrier

IMG_4442.jpgReally like doing pet tattoos. This one was tattooed in May 2016

Head Banger

IMG_4418.jpgI feel very grateful that I’ve gotten to do so many head tattoos the past year. This was one of my favourites. I tattooed this one in May 2016.

Finished Dot work Sleeve

IMG_4221.jpgI can’t remember when we started this one, I think it was some point towards the end of 2015. We finished it in May 2016… A lot of dots went into this.

Trust No One…

Bert Grimm Style

IMG_4219.jpgI’ve done a lot of these Bert Grimm style crying hearts. I tattooed this one in May 2016.

Also if you don’t know who Bert Grimm is then you better go brush up on your tattoo history!

Squid Attack!

Rose & Penrose Triangle

IMG_3910.jpgStippled rose with a Penrose Triangle. I like mixing dot work with the bolder line style you would normally find with traditional tattoos.

Made in April 2016.

Memorial Toy

IMG_3584.jpgMemorial toy tattoo for my client who sadly lost his nephew.

Made in February 2016