When 3 become 1

It is not very often you get one person getting tattooed by two people at the same time! But it is even rarer when someone gets a double palm tattoo.

This was made even more special by the fact that these two guys are my best friends and we are very rarely in the same country at the same time. That is because when we are crazy stuff like this happens!

To Mattia.J A Big thanks for doing this with me & working the Essex convention at such short notice! And not to forget a MASSIVE thank you to are good friend Cedric for letting us put him threw this and handling it so well! “Dude you are HARDCORE or fucking stupid” hahaha

This was a really spacial thing to do. Also thank you to anyone who checked out our work, stopped by the booth to chat or who got tattooed! Cheers for a fun convention!

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