Leeds International Tattoo Expo 24th – 25th of May 2014

Leeds ConventionI’m pleased to say I’m working at this years Leeds tattoo Expo on the 24th & 25th of May 2014.

I’ll be doing walk up’s most of the weekend and will have lots of pre drawn designed to choose from! However if there is something you might want drawing up for you specially then pleas feel free to email me & we’ll make it happen!


for more info on the convention check:


Blue Koi

Koi... One times!I’d love to do some more Japanese style stuff like this! One Hit & no messing about

Flapper Girl

Sexy Panther

Panther PalmI’ll upload some healed photos of this one in a few months, always a honour to do a palm

(inner fingers nothing to do with me!)

Blind eye Bird?

?I really like it when my customers let me run with an idea! I get to tattoo the coolest people some days. thank you for the support! Done at Never say DIE! London

Spider Filler

SpiderFun space filler… even though we went a bit over haha

Boxer Girl


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